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Spanish sermon, classical chamber music. Marine coastal weather station for fishermen, thanks David Crawford for discovering it on the GMT transmission a couple of days ago, with meteorological synopsis, Spanish radio op of course. Caught the ending Spanish chatter and someone in 'Merican English briefly calling back to the op on channel, thanks to his alert, at this time and other random boat chatter in Spanish.

Site found per David:. I also find this note the The station I was alerted as airing a loop stating they were looking to change channel due to interference. My Brandon contact texted me a moment earlier that this is now on Apparently so, as I found this:. Checking for the new san antonio prostitute Definitely them, as frequent "Viva FM" slogans, and it's always been on as far as Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas know.

Indeed, recheck atfemale canned ID in Spanish as, " Under Rebelde. Anthemmale coming out of anthem but no slogan or calls copied, into Mexi-tunes until fade.

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Fairly decent carrier still detected here, gone a little while after sunrise. David Crawford, opposite ib of the state, hears it too at Also noted a few subsequent checks pre-sunrise. Fmales inconclusive if that's what I'm hearing. Warble tone vaguely busy signal type sound but notlooping seemingly NNE and continued to be heard all day despite the noise floor, so clearly something at least semi-local.

This was first heard March 27, and again on February 6,both times disappearing within a couple of days. Clearly, a long-running sporadically malfunctioning mystery, possibly a HAR of which there are so many on all along I hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas the Sunshine Skyway down I to near Naples.

Also on January 24 atsame Colimax instrumentals format. There's sexy redheads in Casper a WAV translator, way too far away to hear, licensed to Newberry, FL but like so many translators is actually nowhere near, with this one just north of Chiefland.

Adult Service Toowoomba

All of their half-built websites offer no working streaming to compare to. The sporadically heard Spanish reggaeton station here is this one. Salsa followed by the more often regggaeton vocals, "La Mega" slogan. Strong, and suspect they may have still been on day power after sunset. Black female preacher, mentioning " Local traffic atusing English phrases such as "southbound" in the report. Previously heard. Co-channel WQCR, and also previously heard. No ID, but a clear " Two guys with Argentine sports item, into anthem frommale canned, " Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas weak with anthem beginning at tune-in, way under KTRH.

Seemingly points NNE. Seemingly something syndicated talk, and atman with, " News Talk Parallel their audio stream at heaven This is one of those "W" calls assigned west of the Mississippi, and in this case the tower is a mere mile west. Urban Gospel, "Gospel " slogan by man. Co-channel same format B tard looking for a local chick to webcamsecks. Urban Gospel, black male announcer, " Fairly strong het here, with the Reloj strong on Weak under WWBA open carrier.

WWBA audio up atobliterating. Arroyo Arenas, Ciudad de la Habana. News summary by man and woman, into traditional Cuban vocals. End of Urban Gospel vocal, black male announcer, "That was George Dean, degrees outside our studios this morning.

But not so, as not parallel either which rwere still simulcasting. Bollywood-ish Hindi vocals, broken English lady at" Sunset in Mineral Wells on this day was 6: Parallel though behind funasia. Last log of mine I can find was October, when it was a tentative with same format. Very poor in the co-channel jumble, but a clear parallel to also in a mess with other Cubans with Cuban pop vocals.

Never an easy catch, listed hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas kW. This on post-sunset enhancement and soon to bubble under and gone. For those who may hear something unidentified on grayline, this one is now running a very short loop, male voice, beginning with, "There is currently active construction.

Happened to stumble upon this mere 20 watts translator listed in Radio-Locator. It will be interesting to see how well this one is heard, hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas shoehorned in. I recall Glenn Hauser recently hearing three time sounders in the overnight hour. I hear this when Rebelde dumps into Noticiero Nacional de Radio at Cuba localand sometimes when going out of the net-proper into a national special events feeds if top-of-hour.

Today for instance, the usual exit Rebelde theme and ID, two short and one very long time sounders at Obliterated at by WWBC critical hours power up. Excellent, obviously running 50 kW and not the watts night power. Parallel chhaam. Slight Anguilla co-channel. Country-ish gospel vocal, male, " KKGM End of instrumental, male canned Spanish ID, back to smooth jazz instrumentals.

Mid-east-sounding flutes but turns out, really Greekinto Greek contemporary vocals, parallel am Fair but always under WMLB with their eclectic music mix. Clear and fairly decent ladies wants hot sex MO Fair play 65649, with unidentified old radio serial. Traditional Cuban folk vocals, parallel Very good but with rapid, spastic warbling transmitter. This one has been here for a long time but not in the current EcuRed listing.

Spanish love ballads, excellent but badly over-driven audio. ID jingle, man hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas woman trading news items. Parallel Barranquilla. A new one, if I recall correctly, and not listed in EcuRed, or my stale list until.

Relation Type: White Man For Black Woman Who Wants Pleasure latinas · Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas. Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas I Seeking For A Man. I Am Ready Cock. Hey females background DeFuniak Springs. into preacher ranting about glue-sniffing, sex-crazed kids. Was hoping for the Nicaraguan Radio Rumbos de Rivas, Carretera Hacia San . Female, "Hey there , welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains. .. MEXICO XECS La Mejor, Manzanillo, Colima. WZEP, DeFuniak Springs, Florida" into unidentified net news.

Haven't heard the briefly existing and unlisted parallel demales a few years, presumably long gone. Their website lists affiliate as: Anyone ever heard either of the two listed DR stations?

End of brokered white pastor show, "You've been listening to a pastor Here is your OClimas forecast for tonight Excellent, but shortly after ID, the signal vanished. Presume dropped from watts day to their mere 7 watts night power. Very good with Arabic man interviewing another via phone, martial music fill, Arabic vocals and talk cambridge guy looking for a fun date tonight Signal fading somewhat after Presumed Sa'udi site.

Man and woman chatter in studio with constant rooster crowing SFX, into folk vocal Exceptionally good signal today. Very poor with PSA's, unidentified right winger political talk guy rebroadcast.

Male news items, ID. Poor with local sunrise and storm noise approaching from the gulf. Inspirational words by female, then male, choral-orchestral vocal fill, Cllimas, long choir vocal with constantly repeating lyrics, female ID again at Big signal and alone on channel with Spanish ballads, live male DJ IDstation promo, Managua ads, into rustic folk vocal with accordion, listener phone calls patched in.

Parallel live stream at http: Presume Mexico, if so likely the Puebla or Jalisco backgrond stations. Faded fast. Cuban soft rock, female, "Esta es la Co-co Redneck white preacher up tono ID, into black female preacher. Promo for Colimass program, stating the air time as "Eastern Time" Tallahassee being near the Eastern-Central lineinto block time preacher who was unhappy church classes would name their courses after New Testament phrases. Country gospel vocals, familiar-sounding man, "If you're in the Mobile Bay area WBT mostly nulled.

Presumed the one with redneck man mentioning Alabama, a Baptist church and a phone number with area coderedneck screamer preacher Sunday morning. Male canned, "Easy Here comes another long set, commercial free Recent format flip from gospel, per Wiki at least: Old Cuban folk songs, female announcer, ID.

Parallel the very wobbly transmitter. My list is the hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas one with Artemisa, and it has been here since at least when Black sex party xvideos first discovered it.

Website not showing an FM simulcast listing. Briefly up in the co-channel with Kelly Price "Everything Grateful " then female black announcer, so someone Urban Gospel format. Cuban-accented female fading up briefly. Several listed. ESPN Radio golf talk by guy, interviewing some player, net and local ads. Emphatic black preacher, parallel Streema feed note: Sunday programming, sports "The Game" usually.

Co-channel lots of other weak signals. Signal still there poorly at Judy Collins "Both Sides Now" weak in the multiple co-channel signals, promptly faded. Male live local news, parallel station stream.

The 1 kWer, and probably the one I had as unidentified a few days earlier. WRGA weather Temperatures starting out in the upper 30's The usual and enjoyable Blues and gospel Blues. Suspect they are always on day power. Male preacher, orchestral score, good but in tight semi-null of KGOW. Parallel their website stream.

Family Radio station. Male host interviewing St. Male ID right at tune-in, into unidentified talk show rebroadcast with female, Rush Limbaugh promo. Someone with modern gospel briefly up in the mix, with wantinf Church" by the seemingly cute Maren Morris. Surprised to hear this one, bubbling up with Coliams of anthem atmale calls at and quickly faded in multiple domestic co-channel.

Ranchera vocals briefly in atpresumably them. Carrier s at fairly strong levels both channels, thanks David Crawford tip and information at the below links. Other listed frequencies hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas audible. Says watts,:. Japanese male hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas, piano solo filler, good.

Didn't check any of the Net 2 channels. How much longer until these fold?

Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas

Fragments of audio but threshold. Several stations appear to be relayed from this one Irish? Sometimes but usually not parallel. Decent signal with English quasi centereach wi whore date, mostly about Short Phat One, orchestral fill, closing announcement giving this and kHz though only a weak carrier propagating on the.

Recheck atindeed Artemisa on the grayline, doing well with traditional Cuban vocals, female announcer, parallel hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas kHz. Six I think time pips a few seconds ahead offemale Artemisa ID, back to Cuban traditional vocals.

Finally, Rebelde audio pops through poorly. Annoying channel het, measured on the IC-R Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas Nueva Radio Parallel slightly delayed Streema web feed. First time here as far as I can tell, from the lack of log records at.

Surely running 50 kW day power and not the listed watts night. The usual cool retro cocktail jazz instrumentals format, male canned IDinto acoustic jazzy guitar cover of The Beatles "Here, There and Everywhere" followed by the same canned ID. Pete Beach. I haven't heard this one on the air for a couple weeks at least, maybe longer now that I backgrouhd back to all my logs on April 9 and realize there was no WRXB co-channel.

Transexual london escorts notorious wkmen having transmitter and audio issues, so it may be temporary. They have a translator, WAK on The translator could be pulled very poorly from my house. Checked from the office this morning, May 2, where it might not make it, and it's not. Checked late afternoon backgrpund the house, no translator signal.

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If the primary isn't on -- which is still isn't -- the translator legally shouldn't be on either, in which case they are complying. Their website has no functioning links for contact or sales. FCC dB still show this as active. None of the live streaming sites are streaming WRXB. But something stinks profusely.

Threshold male and female loop, content impossible to copy. Hetting the presumed malfunctioning WTMI open carrier. Clear and weak to start, parallelwith Qur'an recitations, Arabic announcers, good after Clear and fair with two Arabic-speaking hombres.

Qur'an recital teens to fuck in HendersonArabic female announcer, Arab vocals, parallel No other parallels heard. Good, with female fast-paced national news items, punctuated with santing instrumental bridges, canned remote reporters. Parallel streema. In passing, good with folk vocals, male ID. Spanish female scripture and constant "aleluya".

Spanish man at with mention of Houston and a phone number. At least four XE's have been logged from here previously. In again, strong and clear with WTNI still malfunctioning on just a carrier if even. No Hank FM simulcast, apparently now DeuFniak it's a weekday nearing morning drive time, just some network news ending, into "Politico" or similar right winger talk host with the distinctive Sarah Palin wantinb voice interviewed.

Squashed again by the second harmonic of WWBA daytime shift at Parallel the tunein. Continues to be hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas fairly well, and I suspect not the watts night but running the watts day power.

Petersburg Beach sic. This one remains off the air; has been for weeks. Petersburg Beach, not since March 9, when voters approved a name change to St. Pete Beach in order to differentiate the city from the real St. Petersburg to the east. However, the transmitting tower when it is transmitting is not at all on the beach, but rather in an ironic twist, within St. Petersburg city limits. Nothing daytime other than a weak carrier detectable, probably just WPSL.

Strong carrier, audible on multiple radios, but gone faded shortly after sunrise. I first logged this backgrounf as 0HLI September 6,and here it is.

This one is clearly Morse, cycling approximately every eight seconds. Faded out shortly after local sunrise. No working fundamentals located. And keying on Hz, audible on both sidebands. Obviously, our logs are far too late for. Clear but weak with English. Fair by recheck with female news, into feature read by man regarding a hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas.

Parallel better Closing announcements with schedule, "Good-bye from Delhi" and carrier fromcarrier off Slight Rebelde co-channel from Ya, Ya, Ya" into Nicaraguan teams baseball scores, female Spanish soft vocal from Mid-afternoon, good with Cuban vocals, female announcer, parallel weak hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas Confirming sex with grannies in Virginia Beach nj to Artemisa, while pointing the loop wwnting eastward brings in Rebelde, maybe Las Tunas, with baseball coverage, paralleled with and to confirm it's not WJBX, North Ft.

No parallels located. One airing old time gospel after the news, preacher byone ad for a restaurant with, "old fashioned, home-cooked comfort food. On, but only this day? Heard while passing close to the transmitter located on 38th Ave. Urban Contemporary vocals, strong.

Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas

Not heard subsequent days back at the house. Slightly over-modulated, but unlike the previous Saturday as reported by Gerry Bishopnot so distorted as to be unlistenable. Cross-referencing the station lookup dB, it was granted license March 28,so it is a recent activation. But on this listen, live black DJ spinning hard core gangsta rap complete with FCC no-no words and what sounded like full-fledged commercials for local businesses, not 'sponsorship' mentions, another FCC no-no for LPFM.

Need to give it quiz dating closer listen to confirm that when nearer to the station. No website, but then when you're only 46 watts I'd have pegged this as a new ghetto pirate if not for the FCC data. Progreso co-channel.

Presumed parallel sister station WGOK this hour. Trouncing Rebelde, so must wonder if they were on day power of watts already vs. Happened to be sitting on the channel when the station came up with the stock choral Mexican anthem followed by an instrumental version of the Quintana Roo state anthem, soft Spanish vocal, female ID at First log since December 27,then with a vocal version of the QR anthem after the national, and at almost the same sign-on time then, which was also a local Sunday.

No other Mexicans audible this day on The town is landlocked, not with port access, so what's with the name? Per Wiki, it's a he: Felipe Carrillo Puerto 8 November — 3 January was a Mexican journalist, politician and revolutionary who became known for his efforts at reconciliation between the Yucatec Maya hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas the Mexican government after the Caste War.

Mexi-tunes with male carol penelope escort "Radio Ciudadana" between.

Very good, and no other Mexicans audible on this day. Mexi-pops, male canned "La Ley" between each song. Fairly strong het against ZNS1, no audio making it. Presume something Latin American, being this far off-channel.

After NNdR concluded atinto "Con Luz Propia" program of Cuban ballads and salsa with lots hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas light talk patter hosted by man and woman. This transmitter is such an amusing joke. Sitting not even in either sideband but in wide AM mode, the wobbling is so bad that it is nearly a useless listen.

Can't imagine what it's like in Habana. Excellent with two back-to-back beautiful vocals by Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea, male canned IDinto male vocal. Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas Cuban Radio Artemisa somewhat present even nearly degrees away. Spanish preacher with emphatic, sing-song delivery. Slight Cuba co-channel and slight local splatter, but overall very good on peak until First NM for me from this location, I think.

Listening for Mexicans with the loop pointing west, with a little Cuba co-channel still present. Suddenly, male live, " It's 3: Local newscast with story on meth bust "in Madison County D1 with no pre-sunrise authority, at watts, so apparently breaking the law. Spanish female with fast-paced news, network Mexico businesses ads, male at with, " kHz, cincuenta mil watts, XEDF" and back to news. Measured a little better on the IC-R75 today.

Would like to think this is Radio Turbomix, Cajamarca, Peru. But with zero audio, much less audio without an ID or Peruvian references or music, I keep it as an unknown.

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Nice signal on my local sunrise again today, with weather from, " CBS Meteorologist Fair-good, with occasional Caracol, Cartagena co-channel. Website radioguantanamo. You Turn Me On" parallel streaming at staugustineradio.

Someone with an EAS alert tones, popping through Trinchera Antiimperialista, Cuba and Caracol, Colombia co-channel, lasting for a little over a minute, male woman from deep river, mention of "National Weather Service" but no geographical references making it. Threshold, though someone else even weaker with talk. Country-ish gospel vocals, local florist ad, "This is Trooper North Carolina Slight WJNO co-channel.

My previously unidentified Oldies.

Spanish Christian pop and reggaton, lots of references to Caracol ID by man, news items mentioning Bucaramanga and Cali. Mexi-tunes, male canned slogan. Some WSOS co-channel. Classic Country and some Southern Gospel tossed in at least on this Sunday morning. They are D1, so clearly violating the license. Looking at their FCC file, they've got hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas laundry list of violations ranging from restricting public files inspection to EAS issues, so why not go for another?

Too much WAMA co-channel splatter from to tell if there was an anthem spun. Here's a good account of these PSA things: Thanks David Crawford for noticing and identifying. Poor, way off channel het against multiple stations with Oldies format. Even the Summer Olympics are not enough to resurrect any inactive Brazilians on shortwave. Comforting at least to know that this, like all other Brazilians, can't hit an exact. Fair level AM mode carrier in the clear new Guarapuava horny some slow fading.

Gone at recheck. Very weak audio, decent carrier. Considering how close this one is to me, and spewing 50 kW daytime, no real surprise. Suspect it's not audible much beyond me, but may be worth checking by others in central Florida.

Thanks David Crawford tip, good signal though plagued by terrible local noise, with highlife kora music. Morning drive news format, including Fox News captures, fairly weak. Last decent audio was from with precious metals con-artist spot followed by club jacksonville bath house TV hack with Albany weather for today. Someone even weaker with all instrumental EZL. Now that's a mystery, with it gone by On a Monday morning, "Living On the Edge" program de-motivational presumed brokered Christian Joel Osteen-like preacher, concluding program atmale ID, promo for Carolina Panthers coverage, into redneck female weather forecast, female badly screeching the Star Spangled Bannermale ID.

Still no trace of my local WRXB, despite a phone call later this morning to their office number and the claim that they are on the air "but with technical difficulties". Choral anthem under WFLF. Not the most common anthem time. Anyone know if XEWA spins the anthem ator was this someone else? Probably my favorite XE. Nonstop cheesy cocktail jazz and hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas instrumentals which turned out to be XECPR doing their apparently normal pre-formal sign-on, always something different musically.

Into choral Mexico anthem fromchoral Quintana Roo state anthem frominto soft Spanish vocal, then the lengthy female canned sign-on ID with calls, slogan and power, followed by shorter ID string by man, all in Spanish. Then uninterrupted very old Mexican folk and ranchera-type vocals, rising to excellent level until nearlythen fading fast.

Black announcer, hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas Southern black gospel, local church reference. Clear, fair in my noon hour. Spanish ballads and rap, female canned ID This one doesn't pick up Noticiero Nacional de Radio When did this stop simulcasting English Christian Radio Fe slogan, as is here: Definitely a second Cuban on this channel, but who?

Weak hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas Radio Cadena Habana which was airing a live audience recording of instrumental free stuff in cincinnati ohio standards, ID. The unidentified was airing mostly Cuba new a by rotating man and woman, once mention of "radio centro de Cuba" and time checks. Very good during my local noon hour with Brother Stair nonsense.

Recheck at August 22, also with the Bro'. Obviously, no Cuban exile programming or jamming here in these hours as reported. Cuban pop-ish vocals, co-channel Radio Cadena Habana.

Male canned ID"Radio Surco All Vietnamese programming with male and female backpage sacramento escort, local spots in Viet and Vietglish. Formerly Spanish "La Ley" slogan, though not sure when the flip happened. Wiki entry simply says since I rarely hear this one here, despite lots of out-of-state logs.

Mostly Rebelde and Musical Nacional both daytime and night. National spots, back into Red Eye Radio, national and local spots from Day power ffemales, thanks John Santosuosso tip. Female, "Desde la tierra Radio Artemisa Good in passing with rustic folk vocal, male ID at First time West palm beach dating heard English on this otherwise "Genesis " slogan all Spanish religious.

Young black sermonizing in this hour on a Sunday. Backgroud, at least one token presumed brokered English segment. Three listed: Under my local WHBO partly nulled. Fair hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas instrumentals, parallel kHz.

WYND co-channel. Suspect something domestic, though I suppose a real Mexican can't be ruled.

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Presume domestic, with femalees audio ever making it. This has been here a long time from my observations. Seemingly threshold Urban Gospel vocals audio squeaking through briefly. At least this one can be ruled out as the source of the Even here, it's poor and with WFED atop. Fair when WTBN semi-nulled. Black gospel vocals, some CMHW co-channel.

Man and woman, Cuban pop vocals. Ridiculously wobbling away. Very poor under Radio Artemisa.

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Man and woman with local events, very good. Urban gospel, singing jingle ID. Mediocre signal barely five miles SW of the stick and with day pattern showing as thrown right at me and deep into the gulf.

So, hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas is indeed on the air, but has to be running a couple of watts best, as never even the weakest trace at the house. One of the west Cuba sites, who knows which as at least three are plausible.

Loud and alone where the Sunshine Skyway HAR's on both ends should have been easily audible and a bridge in full view. Excellent with inspirational words segment, doorbells, ID. Blasting in with dude reading hog futures, cattle auction and farm equipment events, all in Oklahoma, ID, local weather and live read commercials, color radar report. Droning children's choral, rosary reading by male from Into campesino folk vocals, took a listener call athe who mentioned "Sandino" twice.

Into old folk song from scratchy vinyl source, more obvious when paralleling to their stream, the best and safest is: And another with Spanish preacher, choir in Spanish sounding as though in church from Barb back at with traffic. Good signal Nice that this one appears to be a regular here just post-sunrise.

Fair with radio novella program, ID This one operates 6 a. Urban gospel, parallel their stream. Fair when pointed away from pileup of Cubans. Urban gospel revival vocals, parallel their stream at http: Occasional same female canned liners mentioning "Escucha Oddly, not parallel their stream, songs not even matching if taking into account an extreme delay, though same format.

Wonder if they are running their day power and pattern at night? Male hosting morning show after, into "Draggin' the Line" by Tommy James, reading weather, into more oldies. English male canned ID, mentioning Website http: With ZNS1 Nassau off, hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas one in on the back side of greyline with subcontinental, maybe Hindi, Bollywood-ish vocals.

Rarely heard on this side of FL even with Nassau off. Soul, about one second behind sexy wives seeking real sex Herndon ZNS1. At times peaking to very good, a rarity. Could Hurricane Matthew have knocked them off? One can only hope. Mexi-tunes, "la FM" and sometimes slogan between Mexi-tunes. Looking for the always elusive WTOT. Popped up while sitting on WRNE with male ID, into unidentified network news, then promptly bubbled under, back up again with mention of "the ministry" and "share The Word.

New one. White preacher screamer, parallel www. Clear, fair and another new one riding the post-sunrise. It's midnight. Do you know where your kids are? Back on sometime earlier today after being off after Hurricane Matthew. Punjabistani vocals, alone and good in absence of ZNS1. But this would be the last night of ZNS1 off. Every 15 minutes not precisely at the: No trace at orpresume the source having faded with sunrise.

Not heard the next day. Obviously something malfunctioning with a satellite feed or controls. Tune-in to end of ID by man, " Tuning in for Noticiero Nacional de Cuba feed local At At least one of the two punched in moments after the opening, as the Asian ladyboy teen theme was unheard.

The dominant would be Radio Mayabeque, with the weak Rebelde. Though the unlisted power Rebelde at Caribe, Isla de la Juventud can't be ruled. Aguada, Cienfuegos to the south of the island and more east is unlikely. NNdR ends at Fair with man and woman reading local daily events, ID. Recheck a few minutes later, not a trace with WZKO dominating. It's simulcast Myers, "Jamz Up for a few seconds over WZKO with, " First time here, I believe. Excellent example of a translator that shouldn't be assigned to am AMer.

The translator stick is in the same location as the AM tower. Hadn't sex girls Grand rapids this one before, but FCC say it's been licensed since late July. Progreso mostly nulled. Checking the next day, weakly appearing with IDOJ at Mexi-tunes with the usual tubas and accordions, male canned ID with calls, day power, slogan and la Instituto Mexicano de la Radio.

Parallel station stream though behind at least 15 seconds. Mexi-tune briefly in the jumble, and on-frequency, so not the While sitting on the channel, a decent carrier popped up at Pinkus brokered quackster prior. Rough measure on the NRD, but the het sounds almost the same tonal as This on a local Sunday, so sign-on time might vary.

This one always gives Radio Enciclopedia a run for the money with their cool retro instrumentals. Signal points best around degrees for me. Threshold audible all day, noise floor permitting, so clearly Gulf of Mexico rim. A map of rig sites: St Joe to west of Panama City. Parallel their stream, though it was way behind Stock choral national anthem atfemale canned ID, station theme, another ID into oldie Cuban boleros.

Male Christian babble, aa man wanting hot Leadenham pussy of the Bott Network. I'm always amazed how well this one comes in, regardless whether it's on watts night or watts day power violation at this time. Probably far more Spanish during daytime dayparts, as their hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas is showing several local DJ profiles.

End of Urban Gospel vocal, promo for Tuesday voting hours, visit polkelections. Pittsburg is just across the Missouri border, though I see no particular benefit after viewing Google Maps Earth to want to cross the state line in quest of anything better. First time. Not DX, as always strong here on just post-sunrise, but today they were clearly on their 50 kW non-directional well before their D1?

What's baffling is that their online program schedule shows programs conclude at 8: So I asked Wayne Heinen if he knew anything different, and he responds: They are Hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas limited time. WAMA partly nulled. Mix of Spanish ballads and Mexi-tunes, female canned quick reverb presumed slogan between tracks, but not copied. Three ascending chimes atno anthem.

Co-channel Rebelde. Very good with the abbreviated overnight flip to Reloj. Recheckalready back to Radio Artemisa with theme, female ID Thanks David Crawford tip. Parallel way delayed web stream. And surely at 50 kW, not the hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas watts night power. Grupo Radio Centro,, 50 mil watts de potencia Parallel station stream.

About 45 seconds ahead of player. White English preacher. Very good but some WWBA splatter. Sunday morning public affairs program, talking about holiday food bank donating, IDinto another PA.

My Logbook 2 - Florida DX News

Listed as Sports format normally. I've been sporadically hearing this or things similar sincehackground approximate LOB. Checking briefly mid-morning friends with benifits rules see how the nets are treating Fidel's death a few hours earlier. Rebelde with slow piano interludes between remotes; Enciclopedia with Colias special coverage cocktail instrumentals ; Musical Nacional with no coverage classical ; Progreso with somber piano and opera, breaking not hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas top of hour, but with no ID, just a brief announcement of Fidel's death, then back to death tunes; Radio Artemisa with no special coverage Cuban vocals.

Holiday stunting with Christmas classics between ads.

Possibly the shortest log three seconds with quickest ID. Faded up in the mud with man, " Looking up calls, found this one. Fair on both channels with no other parallels audible. Initially I believe it began with three transmitters on kHz under the hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas of the Emergency Management department circathen moved to and added additional locations, then transferred to Traffic Management when it began to fall apart.

Waning months, just running nonstop open carriers from only three confirmed remaining sites at:. Largo puts out a threshold carrier, audible for only a few hundred feet.

Hard to believe it could be the source of my weak carrier, about two miles due SSW, but no other sites appear to be open carrier quasi-functioning. Clearwater Roosevelt Blvd. The stick remains on the northbound approach of the Bayside Bridge, though the pole is leaning eastward somewhat now, probably car bumped. Oldsmar is confirmed off the air mid-morning drive-by. The stick remains in a triangular grassy median. Palm Harbor: Petersburg; 5th Ave.

WSM and the always wobbling Progreso both partly nulled, with the mystery how to know if someone is right for you Dream Of Jeannie" Mexican, first noted October 22, still here, and at least now confirmed a Mexican, with national anthem fromthe usual female canned imaging and probably an ID, then the IJOD theme, which is also inserted between almost every Mexi-tune.

Still peaking nicely around 20 minutes after local sunrise. Man and woman local news, traffic report, "KNX Newsradio". Very good, with slight Mexico co-channel and no trace of the SAC beacon.

Mexi-tunes, female announcer, slightly ahead of the station stream, with my local WDAE and Rebelde eDFuniak nulled. Wiki claims: Scroll over for the answer: Paul McCartney, "Martha" the song it was his sheep dog. And yet, no Beatles songs, not even Spanish Mexi-covers which could have been fun. Interestingly, live announcer coming out of the news, announcing that they deviate from News-Talk every Sunday from a.

Excellent in tight local WGES null. National anthem frombut too weak and in WSWN co-channel by. Male " Number One song on the Country charts Live Springd preacher alternating with gospel choir church service. Weak, slight presumed WINZ under, parallel delayed stream. Techno-ish instrumentals, live "The University of Tampa's one and only Sprihgs station. First audible just west of Kennedy Blvd. SR at Dale Mabry Hwy. US on a brief forced business excursion to south Tampa. Weirdly accented guy with live Christian talk show, for callers which top Googles to the former call letters.

WPHT co-channel. Well look who's back -- kind of -- from what had to have been months at a watt or less power. Big carrier, but no audio being fed until when fast pot up to black gospel. CHHA with promo for program into Spanish vocals also good. Presumed one of the New England or the W Chicago pirates, but no audio and frequency reading too approximate to confirm which in comparison to others waterfall measurements.

Male canned "ABC Radio Fair to strong level as local sunrise approaches het, seemingly someone Central America from Frer sex chat reading if ignoring hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas opposite direction. Been here for quite awhile, offset DeFuniaj on the NRD. Female canned "Sabrosota blonde at Staunton general between songs, nice one to listen to.

Some kind of net news, then male " Good and. Truncated but otherwise stock choral anthem, then the "I Dream Of Jeannie" theme atfaded. IDOJ theme also noted in brief fade up December 26 at Do the compilers ever read my extensive XE logs and update accordingly? Male and female live local news, but unable to copy anything local.

DeFhniak, mentioning what sounded like degrees high or low? KNUS Denver is simulcast on WNTM Mobile is apparently simulcast to Hi, Bob! Promo for garden show, male " Trading off with KTRH. Rustic folk femsles, hey females background DeFuniak Springs women wanting sex in Colimas check and ID by man.

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