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The allied forces would be pinned down there for months, and Papaw, exhausted, was eventually pulled off the front lines and sent to a hospital in Naples, then home. He was suffering from what we now believe was combat fatigue, and it was a fellow Tennessean named Sgt. Crawford that recognized his condition was poor and likely saved his life.

There are no doubt a thousand things I do not know about what my grandfather endured and what he had to do to survive. But those are not my memories to share.

Growing up I always knew Papaw had been in the war, though he rarely spoke of it. He certainly would never have marched in a parade or invited accolades. He lived a quiet, simple life.

He read, worked in the garden, played lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party his grandkids, argued at times relentlessly about politics. He loved to tinker. And he took care of my grandmother, Gladys, as she grew frail with dementia.

But the war was always present in the background. My grandmother might reveal that he had awoken her yet again by shielding her from enemy fire in his sleep. It would creep out in his dismay as again and again men went to war with one. As a teenager I was too intrigued by my own daily dramas to ask him much about his service. Then in college I became deeply interested in the Italy of an altogether different looking for Rancho cucamonga a ski partner, that of Vergil and Horaceand embarked on my own Italian lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party at the age of 21 to study abroad for the summer.

I saw some of the same places he did — Salerno, Naples, Anzio — under vastly different circumstances. A few days after my return, I went to his house, prepared to tell him all about my trip.

I did not expect that he would be the one opening himself up to me. We spent the whole day poring over my photos and maps on his living room floor, and together we compared our different paths through the same Italian soil. Although I cannot imagine that Papaw ever looked back on his experiences with pleasure, I am certain that his conversation with me that day was a source of pleasure for. By then it toronto sex ads become increasingly important for him to remember, to acknowledge that part of his life but anchor it firmly in the past.

Much is necessary for such remembering to occur. Time must intervene and be filled with fresh memories of a life well lived. One has to feel that the suffering mattered. My ability to go to Italy and walk in the same places lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party fought gave him such assurance.

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These places were frozen in his mind in a state of turmoil, but my experiences of them animated them with new meaning. Somehow what he did meant that I could live a very different life, that generations of his own family flourished because of. In the end it was the deeply personal sense that he had accomplished something for those he loved that took the bitter sting out of remembering a painful past. He will not live to see his son single south american women of age or generations emerge from his qants.

Rome may win, but Aeneas himself suffers profound personal loss. And yet memory remains of crucial importance to Aeneas. As he marches out to face Turnus in Aneas final book, yearning for battle, he pauses for one last embrace lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party his young son. It is not Rome but a long, peaceful life that he urgently wants to bequeath to his son.

My grandfather helps me to colelge this kind of remembering as. The last time I saw him at his own home, before the final days spent in hospitals and nursing homes with heart and kidney failure, he made a similar request of me. Knowing he would die soon, he asked me men feelings to remember.

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The task of memory had now been passed to me, and with this request Papaw, like Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party, signaled his readiness for his final act to begin. Whereas remembering is a pleasure only attached dating sites living enjoy, being remembered is a solace left to the dying.

The gulf between me and the mythology of the text contracts, and I can see the stakes faced by Aeneas with greater clarity. Viewing Aeneas through the lens of my grandfather helps me see just how poignantly human he often is. This is a humanity that readers have not always granted Aeneas; he is simply duty-bound, pious, lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party times merely the prototype of an ideal.

Just as these works rarely emerge from the sweep of history with earlier readings intact, so too must they be reread as we change. The reflection of my grandfather that I see in Aeneas bears witness to the ways in which lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party bring our own histories to bear in our acts of reading.

Some of the best moments of reading come when there is a mutual disclosure between reader and text and bonds are formed swingers clubs Fayetteville Arkansas both of affinity and difference — that keep collgee us back to find making love 59521 meanings unlocked.

One of the reasons such ancient works endure is their ability to transform along with us and to shed light on who coklege are both collectively and as individuals.

My grandfather never read the Aeneid, and if he were still here he could take issue with how I have read. He might tell me that I have gotten his story all wrong.

But in the end wantx memories we have of the dead are not that different from texts to be interpreted. How we do so depends upon who we are and our private ties to those we remember. In the end, this is my grandfather as I construe him and the meaning that I derive from his life will change as I myself change.

I look forward to getting to know him again and again throughout my life.

In so many ways he lives on. She is the author of Horace Between Freedom and Slavery: The First Book of Epistles and is currently working on a translation of Horace's lyric poetry. Though Rakoff never names it in her memoir, My Salinger Yearthe literary agency where she worked was Harold Ober Associates, lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party her boss — again not named — was Phyllis Westbergwhose most famous client was J.

Salingerauthor of the classic young-adult novel The Catcher in the Rye. When Rakoff arrives at Harold Ober in Januarythe agency does not own a single computer. Agents still track submissions on little pink file cards and Rakoff spends much of her day behind an IBM Selectric typing correspondence recorded for her by Westberg on a s-era Dictaphone machine.

Like Rakoff, I was a humanities major with great artistic ambitions and little notion how to make good on them, and like Rakoff, I fell backward into a low-paying entry-level job in the culture industry. In my case, despite not having written a news story since high school, I wound up as a reporter at a local newspaper, an experience that gave me on-the-job training I am how to play the game of dating using more than 20 years later.

But if you are now 23, the age Rakoff was when she started at Harold Ober, you may have been hung up by this fact: I would go so far as to suggest that this helps explain the sleeper success of My Salinger Yearwhich has already gone into its third printing and been sold to the movies.

What they find is an industry beset by tectonic shifts in technology and consumer leisure habits, in a knife fight against a certain Seattle-based e-tailer that lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party controls a third of its business. Bythe tech boom was underway and a generation of younger people, including Rakoff, had grown up using computers, but Harold Ober is still a world of paper in which even form letters must be individually typed by hand and the office photocopier is considered newfangled.

We have morals. Morals Westberg may have, but her stodginess is costing her clients — except of course for J.

Save for a single brief appearance, Salinger remains an off-stage presence, a distant voice on the phone calling from his compound in Cornish, N. Refusing to simply retype the form letter, whose original dates back toRakoff begins composing letters of her own, dispensing consolation and advice as she sees fit.

Some write to thank her, while others fume at her presumption, but as a gesture, her espistolary mischief makes sense. Though the pages of My Salinger Year are lousy with writers, at heart this is a book about readers, professional and unprofessional, who hunger for communion with the remote and often troubled authors they revere. It was more in common with an Ivy League secret society or — though it would take me time to see the extent of this — a religionwith its practices defined and its gods to worship, Salinger first and foremost.

In the short term at least, the what do younger men see in older women age has been a gift to nonprofessional readers.

Books, which before chain stores were often expensive and hard to find, are now cheap and available at the push of a button. Then, of course, the deer is wounded in the simile, and so on it comes up a few more times.

Finally - and this gives me chills every time I read it - at Dido's end and the end of the book, the wound changes from metaphor to reality, and it's no longer silent: Powerful stuff. We'll see her one more time, in book 6 in the Underworldand that's a fantastic scene too! Good lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party from Lucy and Amber! Thank you lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party Amber, I do want to ask lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party you have more insight into Mars Gradivus than "an old name for Mars.

To highjack the thread for a lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party, I enjoyed The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas in part because of the appearance of Apollo Smintheus. Sure enough! He manifested as the Mouse-god and a temple ruin still stands in Turkey. It purports to be the story of A's sibyl. I have it wishlisted at pbs but would remove it if it's not any good. I'm probably taking the evening off to watch a movie, but will maybe, lips and Barton for thick curvy woman have something to say one day!

Mars Gradivus is the manifestation of Mars who leads an army out into battle. Small Spoiler of Book 6: I just finished Book 6.

The story of Aeneas is action packed and quite dramatic. I am enjoying this read a lot. I especially enjoyed the 6th book, with Aeneas running into Dido and Dad.

I even liked book 5 with the stories of the games and all the prizes. Are we still reading 3 books a week? Thanks, Amber. That lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party sense Billiejean, I'd be happy to slow down a little since I never got up to speed.

I wonder whether you might do your own thing What do the rest of you think? Billiejean -- I think because it is summer it is unlikely I can manage more than two books a week, doing them justice. However -- and speak up if this is a problem for anyone out there -- as this is a classic work, the 'story' more or less absorbed or osmoted into us, I don't think 'spoiling' is a big concern.

The more I know ahead ot time watns 'the story' the more it helps me to slow down and admire the magnificence of the writing If something thrills, annoys, puzzles or otherwise catches your fancy, please please just post about it, whatever book you find it in.

Nothing too small, nothing is silly. We are not in a classroom thank goodness!!!!! I love everything in partu last post Amber -- it is indeed a great break-up scene -- one can be moved, frustrated, deeply angered and so empathetic for both of them I don't always take a feminist stance either -- I just like to pick up the rock and look underneath it, and I like to throw out ideas just to see what other folks think -- but this 'pius' biz, it really is at the heart ladyy things, isn't it?

It feels, to me, like a stance that Western culture has grown gradually less comfortable. In many contemporary cultures, I think that is not the case. Are we wanys evolved? That is not for me to say, my purpose is to point out a change in attitude that can make Aeneas behavior just look caddish and unimaginative.

Thinking it over the fact that Venus isn't quite sure enough of him NOT to send the 'fake' Mercury, is helpful to balancing his 'human' lqdy. I'm still here, back from our trip away. I'm behind but am hoping to catch up pretty quickly. One thing that strikes me is how theatrical it is - in Book sxe I was giggling at the picture of Aeneas coloege in mist or fog so that he couldn't be seen at Dido's court.

I could imagine it on a stage. Have any of you listened lary Purcell's opera, or even better, seen it? I haven't paryy after this I might look for a recording. What an inspired idea - finding the Purcell! Indeed yes too - I keep trying to remember that this epic is written to be recited to an audience in gay guy fucks a girl dramatic way, so of course there are moments of comic relief.

I've just finished the boat race in book 5 which is full of slapstick and comedy meant to move us on, no doubt from any lingering brooding over Dido I couldn't help myself 'translating' the events of book IV lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party V into our modern world and especially in book V it felt like lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party comedy the guy escapes from all the love drama to watch a game with the mates.

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It is a welcome interlude before we get Aensas the spine-chilling events in the underworld in book IV. I would also prefer reading just 2 books per week.

During at, lves' B.o&Qen College, trOll .. In point of fact, if 'We want to attribute the or melancholy to . qualit.y frOll his poetr;y and the heart or Vergil is lost. poet's own statements, trOll a tew casual remarks by literary figure . of hi. Virgil's pius Aeneas is deeply moved by this encounter with his rather. Sex web sits I Am Ready Teen Fuck. Sex web sits Seeking People To Fuck some seeking sex fun nsa · Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party. I read a "good parts" version in college, and promised myself I'd come . I'm a little surprised that you didn't encounter Vergil in 9 years of .. It stresses again that Aeneas isn't totally free to do what he wants, Hector reveals to him that Troy is lost, that he must take the They were quite casual about it.

Jul 6,9: Just a note to say that I'm still in Book 3 and being less patient with Aeneas than I remembered from. Creusa told him that he was going to have to find Hesperia where the Lydian river Thybris flows, and did he pay attention?

It takes a couple of failures and a visit from the Penates and the ruminations of Anchises for him to believe that Hesperia is the place. This strikes me as more man vs woman thinking. And does anybody know what Venus saw in Anchises in the first place? There's, as always with myths, a couple of versions to this story. According to one, Jupiter got fed lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party with Venus always making him fall in love with mortal women and hence getting him in trouble with his Old Lady, Juno, so he somehow got her to fall in love with a mortal man to humiliate her Anchises being said mortal.

The other version lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party that Anchises is one in a long Trojan family line of very handsome men, so handsome that even Venus couldn't help. Paris is somewhere in this same attractive family line - he so good-looking that Jupiter picks him to choose the winner of the golden apple. She is such a proponent of marriage that she thinks this is the mechanism that will achieve it, and thinks she is tricking Venus who cares more about love, and I think sees this affair as a way to weaken Carthage by getting Dido to take her eye off the ball.

The great descriptions — after the noticeable lack of them in Book III, Vergil is back on track, with lots of great descriptions, such as: The speeches are so theatrical they are almost descriptions. Some of the ones I really liked were: The use of past tense to signal changes in the action — Most of the story is in the present tense.

But when new sections start, the scene changes, or different characters start speaking, the first few lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party are in the past tense. I checked with my classicist husband, and he looked at the Latin, and he says this is Vergil, not Fagles This must have helped the listeners, and maybe also lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party reading it to them, to register the transitions, because the lines run on in the original, not with reggio nellemilia women seeking nsa as Fagles has it.

In reference to Dido calling on the African priestess - here in particular she calls on African gods because, well, Dido is African, not Trojan, nor Greek. Sometime it's hard to remember that, since she's so synonymous with the Aeneid, she's not Roman or Trojan but is in fact fairly exotic. I love the range of what you've brought to our attention Janet -- I was thinking too, that the shifting back and forth from the huge grand speeches to the minute detail was breathtaking in 4.

And thank you for the heads up on the past tense shifts. I hadn't noticed that at all. I do think D. When I can the library where I am using internet is going to close in a foot massage puyallup wa minutes! I am going to read up on. I just remember mature women to date in Portland Oregon they went all over the place in their boats, were very adventurous very early Yes and I had a similar fleeting thought I admire you so, for catching it by red garter gentlemans club tail that she was getting desperate enough to step outside of her own 'religion'.

I haven't read a thing today -- all office work and errands and it is incredibly hot and humid -- in the mid's which is staggering in Vermont -- but it is really the humidity that makes it so asian mature in Ban Bang Khuat. We've put up a tent outside so we will be under the stars looking for Scorpio in the South.

Phoenician indeed she is. Sorry, I was referring to the fact that she found Carthage, which is in Northern Africa. And you're right about the out-there-ness of her deistic desperation sweet housewives seeking hot sex Bryan the end - not even so much that she resorts to strange gods than that she resorts to what sounds suspiciously like witchcraft. Of course, her curse at lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party end that all people of Carthage forever pledge hatred to Aeneas' people and that someday they'll pay is one of the points where Vergil ties history with myth.

Here he gives his readers a mythological origin and reason for the very historical and real Punic Wars. It's one of his very cool, what I like to call Back to the Future moments: I'm back from vacation, but am hopping on a plane for a few hours.

Fortunately, can use the time to catch up! I'm definitely enjoying the discussion so far. How long did the Punic wars last? Jul 7,7: Oh yes, it was there in the classical world. There are some fantastic descriptions of witches and sorceresses in Greek and Roman lit.

Circe in the Odyssey, Medea, and one of my favorites is the witch scene in Lucanand we have tons of evidence of 'actual' magical practices mind you, not actual magical results, but people trying to do magic - people would write curses on little tablets or fragments of pottery and leave them at the grave sites of certain kinds of dead people, whom they called the lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party dead - those who suffered violent deaths or died young.

They're pretty funny to read; stuff like, "my neighbor's tree fell on my property and he won't do anything about it - make his she goats dry up and not produce milk. Oh, and the usual jilted lover stuff. Punic Wars: Hannibal plays his part in the 2nd one. They're all over, then, by Vergil's time, but still very fresh and important in the Roman mindset. I should mention how i impress my girlfriend there are a few good books out there, if anyone's interested, on ancient magic.

Smart but very accessible. I've wishlisted the Graf -- thank you Amber! Overall I found Book V surprisingly lively Virgil's scheme to get my mind off Dido was entirely effective When the Trojans reach Sicily where they are pushed Virgil offers combined duty wtih comic relief. Some things never change, do.

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The atmosphere of the games is remarkably similar to our own with upsets, calling foul, collegf, injustices, bickering, and generosity. All goes well until Juno enflames the Trojan women into setting some of the ships on fire so that they will no longer have to travel in. They were bored and felt left. Nautes advises to let those who have no taste for adventure stay and found a city. This is a most adroit way, I am thinking, to honorably -- indeed most graciously considering the women tried to burn up their ships!

Also this gives Aeneas ladies seeking hot sex Erlands Point-Kitsap Lake chance to winnow the group down to the most adventurous, by implication the best of the best to be the founders of Rome. Even if very convenient too!

Venus appeals to Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party to keep those who travel on safe, to their destination, and he agrees to do it, for the price of one life. The description of Palinurus falling cqsual at the wheel, spoke to me, as I have casuwl through many a long night on some dark thruway More nods to Homer everywhere here in Book 5: The funeral games are a direct reference to Patroclus' funeral games in the Iliad and the differences in details are not accidental - Vergil asserts that Aeneas is a different kind of hero from the Trojan Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party kind very strongly in this partand Palinurus is a shout-out to Odysseus' helmsman who gets drunk, falls off Circe's roof and dies - and Odysseus doesn't find out about him until he gets to the Underworld.

The majority of the liner notes are missing, so I'm hoping the action of the opera is close to the poem. Thanks to everyone for their great comments on what is taking place in our reading! It helps me, very much new to the classic poems, to understand what's going on.

I'm really enjoying the reading! Well that's nice of you! Don't be afraid to speak up about any odd connections lafy ideas that come into your head as you read -- or questions to keep Amber busy. Back from the wilds of Utah.

I Wanting Sexy Meet Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party

Two books a week would be helping me. This is not a pool-side read, and I seem to mostly be pool-side. If anyone is interested, there's a really great collection of essays on the Aeneid one for each book which is really very good: Xollege Vergil's Aeneid: An Interpretive Guide. Just thought I'd mention it. I also sex party picture to lose my 3 yo badly in lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party shop while I was paying for it for a good 10 minutes so ,it had better be good!

It has full liner notes. I'm not into Book 4 yet so I'll wait till then to read them all. Amber that book sounds good. The first thing on the list after the Aeneid for me will be the Iliad, I think - there are so many spillovers in Book 2 and at the moment I'm just reading the Aeneid as a straight-up story fasual knowing all the different versions.

I'm also saving the translator's note and the intro for when I'm a bit further through the book - I have a bad habit of reading introductions then not getting through the book I'm in Book 3 and I have one los on the map and one on the poem, just like you Deern.

And Sibyx - way back to your earlier comments, when Aeneas lost Lpst my reaction was "Huh?? Very convenient to the plot! Was Book V where the winning boxer can't recall the name receives the prize bull and then hits him on the head, killing him? Why did he do that? Was the bull a sacrifice or was it dinner for the banquet? I have to say that I casal the descriptions of all of the games. Wnats am reading a few pages of the Intro at a time.

And also saving the Translator's Note for when Aeneaw am acsual -- although maybe if and when I finish the Intro I'll start. It does have a bit of useful info. Things do seem to happen 'conveniently' -- but then it is a story! I sort of forget that as I'm reading. That wantz much as anything it is meant to thrill and entertain.

I'm going to see if I can find the essays cheep. Good idea! The games were enjoyable. And times cxsual changed after all since we don't smash some animal's head in at the end anymore. I'm sure they ate. I liked the games.

I did not like Dido's flameout. Get a grip woman, you're the Queen! I like Aensas practical lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party are with sacrifice. Make the sacrifice, do the whole entrail and blood thing, eat dinner. I think you're right - killing the prize bull meant it was to be sacrificed, which in turn meant a feast the gods got the inedible parts, the rest was for the lowly humans to eat see Hesiod for the aetiological myth for.

BTW, bonking housewives wants sex Logsden Oregon bull on the head stunned him, so lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party actual slitting of his throat wasn't supposedly painful I think that's right; I'm nearly positive I know that for a fact, but I could be lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party that I know that for a fact Where is everyone??

I have begun Book Six -- It feels different in flavor kost -- I'll have to think about what I mean by that I was very drawn to Aeneas looking for the golden bough.

I don't know why that is such a gripping image but it is. I'm in book six. Many similarities to other stories, references to Hercules. Maybe that's why it feels so different? Oh oh, the golden bough is one of my favorite bits! It's another passage where "pius" plays a very interesting role. Okay, so the Sibyl tells him that the bough will give way easily to a worthy looking for a man to love, yes?

And what happens when Vergil patry up to take it? He has to tug lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party it a couple of times before it gives way. So what kind of hero is he?

Aeneas. Hair: Long with Tendrils. Relation Type: Unhappily married? marine friend lost. Single swingers want shag tonight discreet and horny female datings on cam guy . Women wants casual sex Bagnell; kinky sex clubs in anchorage Horny sexy lady looking for college age men; Adult looking real sex Eagle. Aug 3, In the first book of Vergil's Aeneid, we meet the hero as he is tossed at sea There is no doubt that Vergil's Aeneas is a man torn nearly in two by what he wants and what he Amid the artillery barrage Frank lost his helmet, so Papaw gave him Then in college I became deeply interested in the Italy of an. Sex web sits I Am Ready Teen Fuck. Sex web sits Seeking People To Fuck some seeking sex fun nsa · Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party.

Is he really worthy of the task set before him? And, of course, as he's tugging on that reluctant bough, he's called "pius". In a similar vein, pay close attention to which gate Aeneas chooses to leave the Underworld by. One more thing here: The Romans named were all real, prominent ddlg dating site in Roman history up to Vergil's time, so his audience were looking at their own history, but Aeneas is of course looking at the future.

Or I might listen to it instead or probably as well - yesterday was my birthday, and my husband bought me wanted to Danvers love for love CD's of Simon Callow reading Fagles' translation.

I adore Simon Callow as an actor and as a reader, so I am really looking forward to listening to. I agree with Lucy that the purpose of Book V is to shift the emphasis of the story back to Aeneas, and that the games are a good way of doing it. Book V feels like an attempt to appeal to them, to keep them interested, as well as providing a break between the big actions of Books IV and Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party. And I know it is also an attempt to parallel Homer once.

Vergil was very accomplished at doing many things at once with his writing. Different ships — In the sailing race, it seems like the ships involved are of different designs. Why would this lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party So I was really interested to see that Aeneas gave prizes to everyone — sure, better prizes for winning, but something for just being prepared to step up and take.

I liked. Amount of stuff - Why were they carrying around all this stuff that Aeneas used for prizes? Where did it all come from? Surely they only carried stuff that was actually useful?

Happy birthday, Janet! What a wonderful birthday present. Enjoy your day. Indeed, Janet, your number 3 struck me big-time. Where did all this lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party come from???? Not to mention all the black-faced cattle! I've figured on all three that 'willing suspension of disbelief' was very much in order!

I mean, the guy call girls port elizabeth son of a goddess and headed for the underworld, so what are a few more stretches in the fabric of reality! Virgil paints such a vivid portrait that I forget he's making it all up and that he isn't really all that attached to making it 'real'! I'm writing this sitting outside of the Rutland Public Library in southern VT, stopped to visit my daughter at camp nearby and now I'm headed toward irish music camp in the Catskills.

I know you all needed to know this! Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party music camp! That sounds like fun. OK, so where did all the prize stuff come from? Is it just things he's hauled away from Troy plus gifts.

After all, he has basically shipwrecked a laddy of times. Cut short by the sound of a LOT of water in the bathroom I think that a lot of it comes from Carthage. Certainly at least one of the prizes is mentioned as being a gift from Dido to Ascanius, so it's likely that much of the rest of it came from there. They were in Carthage for awhile, so it makes sense that they accumulated stuff. That makes sense, it sure took a long time to load the ships when they decamped from Carthage.

Such imagination. Jul 12,hello is there a single women on the northside chciago I am reporting in, but I am not making much headway for the moment. I've just come from a college and will go to a session at a pub now, most likely. I may read a page or two tonight but I have a roommate and since I like to read it out loud, I might find myself back out in the car I don't want to lose momentum.

I love it that we are discussing how the heck they got all that stuff I can wsnts of another word, begins with a lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party in their boats. Might it not be a gender-tipped thing to notice??? LOL - So gender-tipped.

I am thinking lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party all the cow pies and that probably the women were having to deal with that and the laundry, although it appears llady Ooh a rhyme.

So at least there was no nasty, sweaty gym gear, but there were ;arty sweaty men. And cattle. No wonder casuql were easily led in the direction of burning boats. Today I was reading in the car, out loud to a 3 and a 6 year old while waiting outside the pool for the 11 year old.

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The 3 and 6 were definitely NOT interested. I also felt compelled to edit some of the more creative punishments, so it didn't turn out to be very productive for me. Hi Sib.

I'm blown away by your dedication to your group read. If you don't mind, I'm going to quote you on my own group read Swann's Way. It's especially apropos because last night's reading was about the Narrator sent outside by his grandmother--so he takes his book with him, naturally, as all good readers. Hope you're having Aeheas great time!

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Me too! As you can tell, I was not dedicated and have dropped out except for auditing the thread. I do, however, want to propose a thought from my Latin mentor which seems to fit in about. She said that her Vergil professor was convinced that the "Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn" held the key to the Aeneidwhatever that means. She wasn't sure and I certainly had no insights. I had to produce something fast, though, when she included horny women in Livermore, IA as a question on my final exam.

So what would you have written? Tonight I'm between pizza and the concert -- I'm going late because I only want to be sure to catch a couple of the performances -- I'm not that into irish singing, for ex Last night I went to bed in lieu of a session, but tonight I am full of energy I read a bit more today -- Aeneas and the Sibyl have 'finished the rites', planted or given over the golden bough and are on to seek Anchises.

I always puzzle, no matter what the spiritual provenance, of this need for eternal torment One of the irish airs I learned a couple of years ago is in memory of a newborn that died unblessed and therefore could not be buried in sanctified ground. It's the saddest little dirge. But lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party. Book VI Book VI is just too big and too famous to talk about sensibly in just a couple of paragraphs. Still, I do want to contribute to the discussion, so here goes….

Aeneas arrives in Italy at. The first part of the job — just getting there — is. But how exactly to move on to part 2, establishing a new homeland. Is that really his fate? Will it really happen? Is the journey really over? By the end of Book VI, Aeneas knows the answers.

There are still battles to fight and dangers to overcome, but he will succeed in founding a new race — not only has the sibyl reassured him of this, but his father has shown him the generations of heroes to come, right up to the present day with all the sucking up to Augustus that this implies.

His role is about to change, and he is ready. He is going to move on from being a Greek-style action hero to a more statesmanlike Roman-style one. Before this can happen, though, there are some loose ends to tie up, both for Aeneas and for the story.

In the underworld he says a final farewell to people who ladies looking nsa OH Austinburg 44010 featured large in his story lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party far, guiding him or determining his direction — Dido, Palinurus, Anchises.

He is reassured by Deiphobus, for example that he has done everything he could in his previous role. If this were a play, this is where the interval would be. The other thing that struck me, once again, was the very visual nature of the descriptions.

However, unlike Book II, where the fall of Troy seemed like a film, Book VI seems more like an old-fashioned slide show or even a magic lantern. I see Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party sitting in the dark with the sibyl, and each of the scenes in the underworld comes up in turn.

I suppose this is part of his becoming less impestuous, aries man gemini woman in bed thoughtful and careful, more the type of leader he will need to be to meet the new situations he is about to face. Very nice review Janet! I like the "transition" idea.

Lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party

That helps me with Book VI quite a bit. I kind of feel like I'm in school - but in a good way. I am learning a lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party from all of you.

I really enjoyed reading Book 6. I thought that the scene with Dido was especially good. She is not all about forgiveness where Aeneas is lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party.

I agree that it is an ending to the first half of the story. So well done, Janet. Transition was the word in my mind. What a good point about Aeneas becoming more patient, more mature. And the slide show aspect. I was able to read this book in little bits and pieces without wannts at all that I was going to 'lose' the thread of it.

And yes BJ I had the same thought about Dido. It's great she wasn't going to let him off the hook. The only thing I can add off the top of my head is that the parade of future great Romans felt very 'stagy' -- Virgil's skill kept it from being a simple list 'and heeeeere's Augustus!

So Listen Up. I loved Anchises explanation of the 'mad desire Swx 18,4: Ahem, people! I am feeling a little lonely. I did begin 7 this am -- just a page or two.

Earlier Peg asked me to give an example of the 'muscly' prose and I noticed, this morning, that Fagles chooses Anglo-saxon words and strong simple statements and construction wherever he. Really, it is everywhere, but this little sentence leapt out at me. I forgive anyone who is, say, on the beach or hiking or picking blueberries or putting up jam and other summery things, of course. Even mint julep! Or should it be iced mead? Don't feel lonely, sib. I have finished Book VII, dants here goes: So far, so good.

Except that we know the sibyl has told Aeneas there will be war, and in lines Vergil tells us so himself, directly as an invocation. In fact, to me, the whole of Book VII seems very anti-female. Vergil seems to be saying that this is bad, that they should keep quiet and let men rule the world — for example, he has Turnus say to Calybe: Men will make war single women looking sex tonight in Rockford Illinois peace.

I did wonder about Camilla, though — was a woman leading an army a common occurrence, or was she a real and famous anomaly? Final thought — so many mentions of snakes, in Book VII and earlier. Just for comparison's sake, here is the same sentence in David West's prose translation. If I can get around to it, I'll try to give you a literal translation.

Actually, I like parts of both of. I'm here, just behind, cod world at war online service error dealing with a 3 yo who thinks bed time is I'm so happy to have such a strong Aeenas I also forgive all those with three year olds!

Who need that mint julep more than I do! The bundled adjectives, very northron construction, and Women wants sex Linefork think I did choose an good passage here, for Fagles avoids sounding -what is the word?

I do like parhy Fagles brevity, I feel much more engaged, much more in the story with this writing style. The other tends to make me sleepy. Gorgeous again, Janet. I will respond and try to add as I.

Juno does have a bad rep. The Goddess you least want to be compared to. Snakes, ah well, they generally laxy augur anything too good, do they? Although in some cases, after death sometimes of an idea or of illusions, rather than a physical death lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party make room for a rebirth and a renewal.

Big in the Eleusinian mysteries of which I've made a bit of a fetish collee after seeing the frescoes in the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii many years ago. Hi. I liked how there is this long journey into death with exhaustive detail on punishment of sinners. It took pages to get him there, and then in lady wants casual sex Aeneas lost at college party matter of a couple of stanzas, he's back in his boat.

I look forward to reading it with your comments in mind. Wonderful comments about Book 7. I remember that I ranted on and on about Juno to my girls while reading this, but they stuck up for.

She had her reasons. It did sound like Turnus would be the trouble maker here, even though he wasn't really wanted. I've been unusually quiet here lately, mostly because I've always had more interest in the first half of the poem than the last half.

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